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Carlos Villagrán ‘Kiko’ talks about how difficult it has been to overcome cancer

The Angels — In the middle of a farewell tour of the United States, Carlos Villagrán, the actor who for years played the role of Kiko in El Chavo del 8revealed how hard it was for him to undergo radiotherapy to combat the prostate cancer that was detected a few months ago.

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From Anaheim, California, where he will perform as part of the Hermanos Caballero Circus until next Monday, the famous Kiko, as he announces himself in his farewell tour, said that after months of radiotherapy, rest and rehabilitation he already feels completely recovered , although he continues under medical supervision.

“I’ve always been fine, I mean, did I really have surgery? Because I don’t feel anything. What I felt the most were the radiation, there were 25 radiotherapies and those weaken you because they are cumulative and you feel tired,” the actor explained in an interview. “Every day he arrived for radiation, the doctor asked me: ‘What discomfort does he have?’, and I answered none. He told me that everyone with that illness told him that he vomited, that he felt bad, and I didn’t, fortunately none of that. I believe that the fact of being happy all my life is what matters: being happy, not being a millionaire.”

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Carlos Villagrán, Kiko, is in the middle of a tour of the United States saying goodbye to his character and his audience.(Reform Agency)

—And how is he now?

“Much better,” the actor explained, “it was a very small cancer and I asked the doctor what would happen if I didn’t have surgery, and he, as a friend, recommended that I have surgery.” The doctor, whose name is Javier Castellanos, did not charge me, neither he nor the person who assisted him, and that was in gratitude, for the admiration of the character (Kiko).

—What did you think when you heard you had cancer?

— I said, ‘won’t it reach me?’… and it didn’t reach me – he laughs – that’s what it’s about, because it seems like a joke, but don’t let it ‘reach you’. For example, I am 80 years old. I don’t look 80 years old, what happens is that I don’t let the old man in, I leave him at the door.

—What advice do you give to people who suffer from this disease?

– Don’t be afraid. Fear kills cells. And let them think on the positive side. If you think like this it will bring positivity to you, to your interior, and that regenerates cells. No matter how bad it is, do not think badly, always think positively, because through your brain and the help of God you will be healed.

—Are you afraid of death?

— No, what I’m afraid of is pain. May God help me, for example, may I take my old age to be able to go to the bathroom, bathe on my own feet, not bother anyone, may God allow me to move and, preferably, I would like to die asleep.

—Do you already have your will ready?

— No, but yes I am going to do it. We have seen how family or people who have never met come to fight. I am going to do it, I’m not telling you now, but almost, to do it perfectly as it should be done, with the family.

—What is your balance for 2023?

— Wonderfully. I had a setback that was small, the illness, I already got out of it with the favor of God and I am going to finish the year well, with all my children. Furthermore, I thank Don Rubén Caballero for giving me the trust and inviting me to perform in his circus in the United States. I am very happy and I also thank all the beautiful people who have come to the circus to support me.

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