Luiza Grigorova-Makariev, Martin Makariev and the first birthday of their son Bran

Actress Luiza Grigorova-Makariev often shares her thoughts on various occasions with her followers on Instagram. Understandably, since becoming a mother, her son has been her greatest source of inspiration. Bran recently turned one year old and the happy mother did not fail to share the emotions of this solemn day.

They started much earlier by gathering ideas for the first big party – whether it was just with the family, whether it was a party with small children or a “huge gathering of all friends, relatives, etc.” Apparently the latter prevailed and in the end a wonderful holiday ensued. The happy mother posted photos from the party and shared her excitement from the important day.

“We celebrated for two days. I made this decision so that we could pay enough attention to family and friends,” she wrote. And then he explained that on the day they had gathered the whole family – “we have an abundance of grandparents, aunts, uncles and all sorts of things.” The gathering took place in the garden of a restaurant with a swing and slide, so that Bran could have fun as well.

The most difficult selfie of Louisa Grigorova

And how she managed to do it

The second day was focused more on the little one – in a restaurant with a large children’s corner in it. “It turned out great! The children played, we ate and drank, it was very casual and pleasant,” wrote the happy mother. She chose an edible cake for babies, without sugar and only with natural products, of which both young and old were satisfied.

“That’s right! We had a great time! We ate, drank and had fun for two days. Three the next year,” Louisa wrote in the final.



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