Carlos Ghosn abandons the industrial tribunal for his retirement allowance

The former boss Carlos Ghosn, who is claiming from Renault a retirement compensation of 250,000 euros, withdrew from his procedure on Friday before the industrial tribunal of Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine) to file a claim on the merits, announced his lawyers.

“Taking into account, in particular, the extension of the time limits in the courts caused by the containment measures imposed by the health crisis, we have taken the decision to refer to the merits the action pending before the Labor Court Council of Boulogne”, declared his defense. “By this procedure, Carlos Ghosn reaffirms his will to assert (s) rights,” they added.

The industrial tribunal “today took note of the withdrawal of Mr. Ghosn”, confirmed Me Yasmine Tarasewicz, lawyer for Renault. The reference to the merits will lead to a considerable lengthening of the procedure, she underlined. “Before two years, Mr. Ghosn will not have a judgment on the question that concerns him, namely his retirement indemnity,” she said.

The lawyers of Carlos Ghosn had seized the industrial tribunal “in urgency” on December 20. But, to everyone’s surprise, at the February 21 hearing, they asked for a postponement to a later date, set for April 17. Due to the health crisis, this hearing was then postponed to May 29.

Renault disputes

Carlos Ghosn, a refugee in Lebanon after having escaped in an incredible way from Japan where he is being prosecuted for various embezzlement, claims to Renault a retirement indemnity of 250,000 euros. After being forced to leave his post as CEO of Renault on January 23, 2019, when he was imprisoned in Japan, the 65-year-old former manager had taken steps to liquidate his retirement rights in spring 2019.

On the side of the car manufacturer, we consider that Carlos Ghosn is not entitled to this compensation insofar as he was no longer an employee of the company for years, due to the status of corporate officer which he enjoyed since his appointment as CEO in 2005. Defenders of Renault believe that the employment contract has been broken, while those of the manager claim that it was only suspended.

The referral to the industrial tribunal by a boss who was remunerated nearly 15 million euros per year for his various functions within the Franco-Japanese Renault-Nissan alliance, aroused indignant reactions in France. The affair comes at a time when the diamond group is going through a serious crisis that prompted it to announce the loss of 15,000 jobs worldwide, including 4,600 in France, on Friday.

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