White season, current ranking, break … What should the FFF do? You chose

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We launched a big consultation this Thursday on Foot National and you were several thousands to answer it. Thank you.

Because it is true that it is difficult to see clearly between the presidents of leagues, districts, players or leaders of clubs, everyone has their own opinion on what the FFF should take as a decision if amateur football should ‘stop this season.

We therefore proposed that you respond to our survey on the solution that the FFF should take. We chose six options between the white season, the truce classification, the current classification, one or two promoted but not downhill, promoted or relegated according to multiple criteria and the option to resume the championships in September.

Three solutions shoulder to shoulder

And what emerges from this great survey is the multitude of solutions and the difficulty for the FFF to find a solution. Opinions are very divided, proof if it was needed that the FFF will find it difficult to please everyone. Three solutions are thus neck and neck.

One or more promoted per group but no descent

The option of having one or two promoted per group but no descent comes first with 27.2%. A solution which would allow the FFF to surely satisfy the greatest number even if sportingly raising teams and not descending from them is more questionable. The remedies with this option would surely be fewer.

White season and current ranking just behind

Just behind, we find neck and neck, the options for a white season (23.7%) and the current ranking (23.1%). These three options stand out quite clearly from the others.

Other solutions not popular

The classification at the break is thus less plebiscite with 13% of the voters. It must be said that some have surely chosen the option one or two promoted knowing that it allows to reward the leader with the truce and the current one.
The option to finish the championships in September collects only 8.1%. Amateur football wants to end this 2019/2020 season and prepare for the next one, it’s very clear.

Last with only 5% of voters is the ascent or descent according to several criteria. This last option does not surely appeal to the current vagueness it generates.

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