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Carina Berg leads the Melodifestivalen – gets support from her husband Erik

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The Mello presenter about the press, the relationship with ex Kristian Luuk and the rumors about Björn Gustafsson

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Carina Berg is, to say the least, excited about her new job as presenter for Melodifestivalen.

Now she talks about the preparations and the great support from husband Erik.

– I have already received many text messages from him, says Berg.

She is a scent, she is a sound, she is a color – she is the presenter of Melodifestivalen 2024 – she is Carina Berg!

Last week, SVT confirmed that it will be Berg, 46, who will host Melodifestivalen 2024 – something that Aftonbladet had already revealed but which had not been confirmed by the TV channel.

– There have been some funny moments when, for example, someone at the preschool was like “oh my god, what fun!”, and then I had to stand there and look strange and stutter a little like “no, it’s not confirmed”, says Carina Berg and laughs.

The secrecy has been going on since she was asked – a question that received an obvious answer.

– The question didn’t have time to be asked clearly before I said “YES!”, says Berg.


fullscreen Carina Berg. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

“Embarrassing is fun”

With over 20 years of experience working with television, Carina Berg feels at least warm in the presenter’s clothes, but at the same time a little nervous.

– There should and should be a lot of pressure, she says.

– I think it feels very flattering if you make high demands on me.

At the same time, she says she is confident that things can go wrong.

– I’m glad that I made so many mistakes on TV before, so I know that it’s not that dangerous either. Obviously, things will happen. But yes, embarrassing is fun!


fullscreen Carina Berg. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

The relationship with ex Kristian Luuk

Alongside her eventful career, Carina Berg is also busy with family life.

Together with her husband, the soccer player Eric Berg, 35, she has the children Otto4, and Juno2. The son Holger14, she has together with Kristian Luuk57.


full screen Carina Berg and Erik Berg. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

The hope is that the family will join the Mello tour – even if the children may not be as excited as their mother. Carina Berg believes that her eldest is a little too old and the youngest a little too small.

– I’m getting a bit wrong here, the big one probably thinks “okay, fun mom”, while the little ones are too small. They will probably think it’s fun to see balloons and mom at the same time, says Berg and laughs.

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But she will definitely get support and love.

– I think I will probably have a pair of happy eyes on the first floor from my husband. I have already received many text messages from him: “you are absolutely fantastic” he writes.

The presenter, who began his television career at TV4, has also worked at both Discovery and Viaplay. When she gets on the SVT train, she ends up at the same workplace as her ex Kristian Luuk who has long been a profile on the channel.

– SVT is huge. Above all, we have a son together, and that relationship feels a little bigger. After all, we have closer contact regarding our common child than we do regarding work stuff, says Berg and laughs again.


fullscreen Carina Berg. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

The rumors about Björn Gustafsson

When Aftonbladet announced in November that Carina Berg would lead the program – according to the information, it would be together with Björn Gustafsson37. But last week, Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Ek was able to reveal that Björn Gustafsson will not lead the program after all.


full screen Carina Berg and Björn Gustafsson after the celebrated interlude in Melodifestivalen 2008 Photo: Peter Wixtröm

If Gustavsson will participate in any way, SVT has neither wanted to confirm nor deny. Nor does Carina Berg want to confirm rumors about Björn Gustafsson’s involvement.

– I think it sounds like a brilliant idea. I will absolutely go and tell the editors now that Aftonbladet has come up with a great proposal – I stand behind it!, says Berg and laughs.

She thinks they would have been a good duo.

– He is one of Sweden’s best comedians, I think I would have laughed non-stop.


fullscreen Carina Berg. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

“Yeah, but now it’s like that”

The preparations for the big folk festival are now in full swing and Carina Berg hints that there will be both singing and dancing during the journey.

– There’s a lot I haven’t done before, it seems that we chose to focus on just that in this project as well, she says and laughs.

But Berg is also looking forward to new challenges and her life motto rhymes well with her confident approach to the new job.

– I have a motto at home on a neon sign that says “well, but now it turned out that way” – I think you can apply that at any time!


full screen Carina Berg is interviewed by Stina Dahlgren. Photo: Carolina Byrmo

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