Sociologist Andrey Raichev Analyzes the Political Situation in Bulgaria: Prosecutor’s Office Targets GERB and PP.

Andrey Raichev

Photo: Ani Petrova

The prosecutor’s office strikes at the same time on GERB and on PP. Sociologist Andrey Raichev explained this to BNR.

Geshev shoots at everything – no friends and no enemies. He feels offended by the collapse of some alliances that he considered secure. However, the prosecutor’s office unites its opponents and should become a government between GERB-SDS and PP-DB. PPs are accused of monstrous crimes at their peak. Borisov will be asked for immunity at any moment. Parliament, on the other hand, passed a law that requires 13 votes to remove the prosecutor. This is war’

The most likely outcome is that Denkov will be the prime minister of a technical governmentthe sociologist predicts.

The alliance between GERB, DPS and the Prosecutor’s Office collapsed. A new one arises under western pressure. Borisov divorced DPS and Geshev, forced to marry PP. He does it to get out of isolation, including international

The dissolution of this union resulted in a motley varietyhe explained.

“All kinds of players came in. The end result will be a new electoral picture in Bulgaria. These maneuvers are not free. The question is who will die. In GERD, I do not see cleavage processes. In BSP and DPS – also. DB wisely and skillfully went to the periphery and waited. The victim will be the PP electorate. He will be under pressure. Part of it will flow to DB. Another will be disgusted by politics. There will be those who will prefer to vote for Revival. There is also the question of how big “Revival” will be after this story.”

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Andrey Raichev also commented on the recordings made public by Radostin Vassilev.

“The record shows that PPs hate GERD and enter this marriage by force. What Putin spies made them talk this nonsense? These are the excuses of the untalented.”

The sociologist believes that the party of Petkov and Vassilev is engaged in self-colonization and offers its own services in a foreign embassy.

“But the problem is not Russia’s growing influence, but America’s declining prestige.”

Raichev recalled the times of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship.

“The Bulgarian people did not feel hatred, but a positive attitude towards the Russians”

He also commented on the position of the president in the dynamic political situation.

The president leads a separate political line and differs from the others, but not as anti-European or anti-NATO, and as moderate. He sees something important for Bulgaria. The Bulgarian people do not want this extreme position towards Zelensky. But there is no mood to leave the EU and NATO. The story of the white Zelensky and the black Putin does not pass in Bulgaria. The fact that he allows himself to move in a moderate rather than an extreme position makes him a natural victim. They push the president into the role of a pro-Russian spy. It’s ridiculous, but it works. He becomes a polarizing figure. He would win if he planned to party in the fall. After the end of the term, it is too late. However, the president benefits from the fact that he is not a participant in this situation, but only a commentator. He is their easiest flag.”

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The entire interview of Petar Volgin with Andrey Raichev can be heard in the sound file.

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