Can you still apply for help from the excluded worker fund in New York? | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

cell phone here.of a lot.presenter: the background forexcluded workers who do notqualified for help for thepandemic starts to look shortin resources.many fear that thousands ofundocumented stay ifreceive a penny.adriana: lawyer lorena lucero,thanks for being with univisón.What did he pay with that money?lorena: yes what’s going onis that the need isseeing from the beginning thatit was going to be very big.we left initially that thereIt was necessary to apply.there were going to be a lot of peoplewanting to apply, but is thatthe fund was very small.Adriana: What have those been?failures to the commons that haveyou found what hashave there been errors?lorena: the most common faultshave been that people can notcheck residency duringpandemic.the most difficult cases arepeople who rent a room,do not have invoices for goods orfrom a bank that come to yourmail, they have no way of howcheck they don’t have thatapartment.there have been many people forApply.there are identifications that are notAdriana: what to do for aperson who is suddenlytime, at this time has notapplied?lorena: if a person alreadydo you have the documentsnecessary it is very easycheck three things, whichresides in the city of newyork and lost his job.They must try to trybut the main thing is to look for yourdocuments and do itadriana: for those peoplethat they will not reach to arriveWhat options do you have?lorena: the main thing is that thepeople who could notapply with documents, notthey have IDs, they muststart moving searchidentifications.the second thing is that there ismany organizations that aresupporting with that.we also have toknow what the need isso that we can askthat the funds be opened forundocumented people, we quoteknow how many people there are. merecommendation is that if they canwith these documents, what ifthey can have them on hand and

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