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Camping for Moria – campaigns in Linz continue

LINZ. For the second time last weekend and also next weekend: In Linz too, activists set an example under the motto “A weekend for Moria” and camp in the freezing cold on Linz Cathedral Square and most recently in front of the Martin Luther Church.

The platform “Solidarity Upper Austria” in cooperation with the pier in Linz and the surrounding area organized the last overnight stay in a tent. At the weekend around 30 activists camped in front of the Martin Luther Church. This overnight stay took place for the second time and is organized in many cities across Austria under the “Weekend for Moria”. The Upper Austrian scouts were also represented this time at the overnight tent.

“Catastrophic situation in the Greek camps”

“It was freezing cold and the constant rain and snow made the situation difficult for everyone present. With every further hour in which the cold robbed us of sleep, everyone became more and more aware of the catastrophic situation in which the people in the Greek camps and on the Balkan route are being left to their fate. We cannot and do not want to watch any longer ”, says Elisa Roth, co-organizer and activist.

Broad support

The activists are impressed by the broad support of the population. “People bring wood, tea and food. Even with breakfast, people keep coming back to show us that they support what we do. We are very grateful for this, because it not only makes it easier for us to stay overnight, but also because this encouragement gives us energy for the next weekends, ”said Roth.

Next night again at Domplatz

The “Weekends for Moria” in Linz should continue in the next few weeks until the federal government agrees to accept refugees from Greece and Bosnia. Next weekend the action will take place again on Domplatz in front of the Mariendom. The organizers will also invite politicians from Upper Austria to the next overnight stay, they announce.

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