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CAMEROON Information :: MRC: Harm of 660 activists or fakery? :: CAMEROON Information

A doc circulating on social networks proclaims that 660 activists are resigning from the Motion for the Restoration of Cameroon (MRC), led by Serge Siméon Noumba. However this data is denied by the secretary of the western regional federation of the MRC, André Marie Tassa.

Checklist of non-existent positions

In line with André Marie Tassa, the listing of 660 activists who resigned is the invention of Serge Siméon Noumba. “It have to be stated immediately that these 660 activists solely exist within the thoughts of Serge Siméon Noumba,” he says. “I problem him to make this listing of 660 activists a actuality.

Serge Siméon Noumba banned from the MRC

Tassa additionally confirms that Serge Siméon Noumba has now not been a member of the MRC since October 2013 as a result of “breach of ethics” and his incapability to “respect self-discipline”. He says that Noumba was solely a short-term member of the celebration, having been a candidate within the 2013 legislative elections earlier than disappearing from the celebration’s life.

The MRC centered on electoral registrations

Regardless of this “buzz effort” by Serge Siméon Noumba, the MRC continues to be specializing in registrations on the electoral lists for the following elections. “The duty itself is that this pleasure that he’s attempting to create and he’ll go away the MRC at 37 ranges, which is geared toward registrations on the electoral lists,” concluded Tassa.

Severe allegations in opposition to the MRC

The folks accused of resigning, of their letters, denounced the promotion of injustice, corruption, contempt, selfishness and repeated requires revolution. out throughout the MRC. They claimed to have joined the Social Democratic Entrance (SDF), one other opposition celebration.

A case that raises questions

This matter raises questions throughout the MRC and the Cameroonian political class. The reality of the accusations made in opposition to the celebration with the alleged statements is being questioned, whereas the motives of Serge Siméon Noumba are being investigated.

The MRC should clarify itself

The MRC should clarify these allegations and regain the belief of the activists and their supporters. This affair may weaken the celebration a number of months earlier than the following elections.

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