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[publicidad]Christian: thanks forcarry on with us,california joined a coupleof states where theworkers have topost rangessalary but what does it meanThis is for the workers.jessica: tells me that thiscould help to know ifthey are being goodplywood.>> this helps to tell theworkers to knowexactly corner van aget to winas a small ownerbusiness, seems fair to mebecause there when the personyou are from the interviewthe person is willing orpredisposed to knowwho will winjessica: lawsalary transparency alreadywent into effect in californiawhere employers of 15 orpeople should betransparent with thesalary. I communicate witha financial adviser forknow what this meanschange for an employee.>> is to begin to havetransparency in rangesof salary and it is assumed thatthis decreases thediscrimination between menand women.jessica: he says it’s evenpractical because it savestime for everyone>> without knowing the salary, yeahthey are earning 25,000 a year,wages, they are spendingthree or four hours to puta request that perhapspay less than you alreadyis winning by having thesalary range gives youan idea, if it’s a jobinteresting or no.jessica: in californiaduring 2020 womenhad less income thanmens. with this new law,women can negotiatebetter payments if they are not

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