Caco Senante, José Luis García Berlanga and restoration

Spring sayings in the voice of Alvaro Soto; voices of REE listeners with Ricardo Peralta; “Musical anniversaries” with Dalida y International Press Freedom Day that, for us, will from now on bear the face of our companion Frank Seville that he was on the verge of not being able to tell it, but happily he continues to be at the forefront of RTVE’s information since the war in Ukraine.

We receive, like every week, the writer Anna Ramos that brings us a fragment of your podcast a movie storywhere he analyzes the film adaptation of the best seller, by Umberto Eco, The name of the rosestarring in the cinema by sir Sean Conneryand in our issue by Miguel Angel Dominguez, Jorge Marin y Peter Atienza.

In the final stretch we return to enjoy our protagonist of the week, Caco Senantewho sings along with Paul Milanes a beautiful bolero and then gets into the kitchen to advise, after 14 years as head of Bodeguita de Caco, in Madrid, the filmmaker Jose Luis Garcia Berlanga, which embarks on a gastronomic adventure in the Spanish capital with its Berlanga restaurant. Caco is current for the exhibition of his entire life at the Casa de Canarias in Madrid.

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