By investing in GOTO stock, which is catching up with Gocap, Telkom opens Voice


PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) is one of the big companies investing in shares of PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GO TO). Meanwhile, the fate of GOTO stock is now increasingly worrying.

Just today, GOTO stock dropped back to the automatic rejection lower limit (ARB). GOTO was recorded to have dropped 6.45% to a level of Rp. 87. At least 7 times in a row GOTO shares have fallen to ARB.

Regarding Telkomsel’s investment in GoTo, Telkom Chief Executive Ririek Adriansyah stressed that in making digital investments, TelkomGroup focuses not only on capital gains or liquidity but rather on the potential synergy value generated both for TelkomGroup and for BUMN.

“Currently Telkomsel synergy values ​​- Go to product is large enough to grow even more than 50% over last year. The same is true for MDI, where the synergy value generated by MDI investments in startups has a greater value than the capital gains,” Ririek said in a written statement on Tuesday (12/12/2022).

On the other hand, Ririek emphasized that the company has prepared a new corporate strategy for the coming year up to 2024. One of them is related to the merger of the businesses of Indihome and Telkomsel.

However, the plan to merge Indihome and Telkomsel is not in the form of a merger, but inbreng. This was done by the company for efficiency.

He explained that since 2020, Telkom has been planning a transformation where the first two years will focus on building the foundation to maintain the company’s growth and profitability to be healthier.

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“The next two years starting from this year, Telkom has launched Five Bold Moves, i.e. five major programs that will become value creation in the future. Until the end of 2024, Telkom is hoped to enjoy the results. This shows that Telkom’s growth is still quite promising, not only from the top line, but also from the midline and bottom,” said Ririek.

Ririek conveyed the company’s five core strategies, consisting of the FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) initiative, InfraCo, Data Center Co, B2B Digital IT Service Co, and DigiCo.

Telkom continues to focus on executing these initiatives, with the current emphasis on FMC, InfraCo and Data Center Co. FMC is an initiative to integrate IndiHome with Telkomsel so that later these fixed and mobile broadband services will be in a single entity to provide the best broadband services at an efficient cost.

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