Municipalities receive compensation for healthcare costs of Ukrainian refugees | NOW

The cabinet will compensate municipalities for the costs they have incurred for care and support for Ukrainian refugees. The amount per municipality has yet to be determined, but the cabinet assumes that a total of 20.5 million euros will be needed.

The number of Ukrainian displaced persons is “so large” that municipalities should not be expected to pay these extra costs from their current budget, writes State Secretary Eric van der Burg (Asylum) to the House of Representatives.

The compensation is intended, for example, for youth care for refugee children or for help that is given to Ukrainian refugees through the Social Support Act (Wmo).

The municipalities previously received a financial contribution towards the costs of the reception itself. They receive a fixed amount per refugee and an allowance for the renovation of the reception places.

The cabinet has also set up a committee ‘accelerating temporary housing’. That committee will look at, among other things, how homes can be realized and how this could possibly be done even faster.

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