Buy Without Watching contractor Bob Sikkes was close to burnout

Bob tells the magazine that he works about twelve hours a day, something he does because he loves his job. However, a few years ago it all became too much for him. “I had taken too much on my fork and a number of things did not go well,” admits the contractor.

“After I put on my shoes in the morning, I suddenly found myself crying on the couch. I thought: fuck, now I have to watch out. I went back to basics. Now my company is back at the maximum of what I want .”

As is also apparent in the successful program, Bob is not easily satisfied with ‘no’ for an answer. “There is almost always a way to get something done. After all, that is my goal: that things work,” he says. “Although that is often misunderstood. For me it is not about money or status, but about the positive energy of inspiration. Enthusiasm is always contagious.”

But: Bob can still be so enthusiastic about his purchase, the candidates of Buy Without Looking do not always agree with him… In the video below, Bob and stylist Roos criticize the candidates of the new season.


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