Buy with your eyes at first! Tips for choosing a suitable car for women

It might seem that small and economical cars with a feminine design are suitable for women, however, when researching cars on Latvian roads with the fair sex behind the wheel and looking at various survey data, it is clear that ladies want to feel noticeable and different in the car! Safety, on the other hand, is one of the most important aspects for any driver – it doesn’t matter if you are fair or masculine at the wheel. Journalist Normunds Avotiņš points out that all types of elevated vehicles from small SUVs to cross-country cars claim the status of an ideal ladies car in Latvia: “The most popular car in Latvia for a woman is a front-wheel drive crossover with an automatic gearbox!”

“In the beginning, buy with your eyes! Design, safety and practicality are the most important factors according to which women choose a car in Latvia,” describes the fair sex march of car expert Normunds Avotiņš, who admits – character influences our emotions, while the emotional world determines car choice. Here are some things to think about before buying a car!

Identify your real needs!

Each of us has our own dream car – a small pink beetle, a fast sports diaper or a powerful jeep for any road and off-road. However, in order to choose the most suitable car candidate, you need to understand what tasks the car will perform. At every stage of life, you need a car that meets your current needs, so evaluate your needs! Ask yourself questions – how many seats does your car need? How much space in the luggage compartment? Which roads do you plan to drive on? And even very feminine questions – do you have to have a light and a mirror in your car? Unbelievable, but nowadays there really are cars that have been forgotten about! The place for women’s handbags is still forgotten. “An interesting fact is that when Volvo created a design and concept department with only women, even they forgot about it,” says Normunds Avotiņš.

Must have kit

The car definitely needs heated seats, preferably in the rear. Today, even the robust Dacia Duster is like that! In rainy Latvian winters, a heated steering wheel will also be ideal. Nowadays, the buyer wants to get an increasingly safe car, so the presence of assistants is important. Line assistants, safe distance control, extreme braking system, rear-view cameras, preferably 360 degrees, are in demand. However, as there is a long period of darkness in Latvia, the roads are poorly lit and they lack signs and forest animals walk on them, then the car should choose xenon or LED lights. A very topical and demanded thing is adaptive radar cruise control, which maintains not only speed but also a safe distance from the car in front, and brakes itself. In order not to get your hands dirty and women can quickly get rid of shopping bags, a car-opening boot is desirable.

Drives more than two blocks!

Improper and awkward position while driving can lead to the driver getting tired quickly. Therefore, before buying a car, it is very important to shame aside and make sure – do you feel comfortable in this car? In addition, the test drive must go beyond just two blocks. If you cannot adjust your seating position, you will not be able to do so later. It is still a huge challenge for car manufacturers to create a seat that is perfect for all heights, habits and outfits. Car ergonomics, boarding and alighting are very important for the fairer sex. Given the specifics of women’s clothing, it is reckless not to check – does the particular car go inside at all? Often car ergonomics can prove to be a real challenge!

If small, then bright!

Women are still bolder in their choice of car colors than men when it comes to sports cars, of course. Women are more likely than men to buy a white, red or yellow car. However, in the top of the most popular car colors in Latvia, gray, silver and black tones of various shades are stable and dominate. “When buying a small car, for safety reasons, choose a bright car, not black or gray. To be noticeable!” recommended by a car expert.

Find out the tire size

Remember that all small SUVs and crossovers have quite unusual tire sizes, so it is advisable to check it before buying a car. “There’s no art to buying a Nissan Qashqai at a big discount, but it turns out to have 19-inch wheels. So these wheels need the right tires, and if you have to buy winter tires, they can be unexpectedly expensive.” points out Normunds Avotiņš.

Car dealer next to home!

If there is no preference or weakness towards a particular car brand, then you need to choose a car whose dealer center is nearby, next to home, so that you do not have to drive to the other side of the city. “The car needs regular maintenance, so it is important that the dealer center is on the road and not far from home,” says the car expert.

Buy an extended warranty!

Today, the maximum warranty for a new car is seven years, such as KIA. But that doesn’t make it the perfect car! A five-year warranty is great for many cars, a two-year minimum. In addition to the new car warranty, an extended warranty can be purchased for a separate fee. Normunds Avotiņš emphasizes that if the car is planned to be driven for at least five years, then the extended warranty is a necessity: – will there be any problems, but – when will they be? This is the reality of today! The car is a consumer product like household appliances, only on wheels!

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