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Buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max in installments from Jarir Bookstore without interest in Saudi Arabia

A new experience with the latest Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max phone, which is offered by Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia with an installment system with 0% interest, as this phone is one of the most powerful Apple products so far and is an ideal development for the iPhone 12 Pro Max series, as Pro phones are always distinguished by their large size and wonderful cameras. Which makes it compete with cinema cameras, and you can now get this wonderful mobile at a discounted price in installments from Jarir Bookstore.

The price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Jarir Bookstore in installments

Jarir Bookstore is considered one of the largest store chains in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it offers the iPhone 13 Pro Max phone with the option of paying in installments, in partnership with the Saudi Tamara Technology Company:

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The original price of the phone is 4,799 Saudi riyals, but after applying a discount from Jarir Bookstore, its price becomes 4,299 Saudi riyals, and this price includes value-added tax.

The discount on the mobile phone reaches 500 Saudi riyals, which represents a discount of up to 10% of the original price.

Tamara Mobile Company allows payment in installments over a period of four months, and the monthly installment is 1129.5 Saudi riyals.

iPhone 13 pro Max installment terms from Tamara

Tamara Technical Company has set some general conditions for customers wishing to purchase the iPhone 13 Pro Max in installments. These conditions include:

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Tamara installment service fees

iPhone 13 Pro Max features

The features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are many and can be found in the following lines:

iPhone 13 Pro Max specifications

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has great specifications that make it stand out among modern smartphones. Here is a summary of some of these features:

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iPhone 13 Pro Max camera specifications

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has exceptional cameras, and here are the specifications of these cameras:

Quad rear camera

The primary camera is 12 MP with an IBIS sensor for improved stability and stabilization.

12MP telephoto camera with up to 3X true optical zoom and OIS.

12-megapixel wide camera for shooting wide views.

LiDAR sensor to measure depth and enhance depth effect.

Dual front camera

Support video shooting

4K video recording at 2160 pixels.

Also shoot FHD video at 1080p.

HD video recording at 720p.

Also slow motion photography.

Shoot FHD video at high frame rates (120 and 240 fps) to achieve dramatic effects.

What are the installment terms at Jarir Bookstore?

The value of the invoice must be at least 2,500 riyals and not more than 30,000 riyals. It is important to note that the value of the purchased goods cannot be refunded for cash.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Jarir 128 How much is it?

4,699 SAR

How much does the iPhone 13 Pro Max cost in Saudi Arabia?

5,199 SAR 5,299 SAR

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