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Buy GOTO shares when the IPO was Rp. 10 million, now only Rp remains. 2.8 million


PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk shares (GO TO) has recently attracted attention. How might it not be, digital companies with decadent status that are eagerly awaited to enter the capital market, their shares continue to fall.

Since the pre-IPO investor freeze period opened on December 1, 2022, GOTO shares have continued to decline. GOTO also dropped to its lowest limit in a day or lower automatic rejection (ARB) in a row.

GOTO shares reversed slightly today, although the price is still below Rp. 100. Up until the break this afternoon, GOTO shares were up 3.19% to Rp. 97

Inventory decline GO TO of course it also has an impact on investors buying shares during the IPO. What is the potential loss if you sell GoTo stock now?

detik com also made a simple simulation. For example, with IDR 10 million, investors can get 29,585 GoTo shares during the IPO. The calculation is easy, the money owned by investors is enough to be divided by the share price at the time of the IPO, i.e. Rp. 338 per share.

With the current share price of Rp 97, the invested money is approximately Rp 2.8 million. As for how to calculate it, the number of shares is the same multiplied by the current price.

Hence, an investment of Rp 10 million in shares Go to when the value of the IPO suffered a depreciation of IDR 7.2 million.

Please note that the above calculation is just a simulation. This is because there are other factors that can affect investment returns.

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