Bulgarian President Radev Calls out Putin’s Strategic Mistakes and Emphasizes Importance of Bulgaria and Turkey for Europe’s Future

“The new regular government will take advantage of everything that has been achieved and finish what has been started. This is important not only for Bulgaria. This is important for Europe. I think that the future regular cabinet should simply follow the course that we have set, not just some exhortations, some general talks. There are no expert cabinets. Yes, the cabinet is made up of experts, but the political leadership, the political responsibility will be from the political parties behind this government. And very soon it will become clear, I think, which party has what dominance in the respective ministries”.

This was announced from Ankara by President Rumen Radev, who is in the Turkish capital for the inauguration of Recep Erdogan.

“Bulgaria and Turkey are of key importance for the future of Europe. We must realize it very well. Russia’s aggression. The huge strategic mistakes made by President Putin, the closing of the northern route – currently traffic from China and Central Asia cannot to pass through Russia. The only way for land transport is through Bulgaria and Turkey, and we must take advantage of that,” explained Radev.

He emphasized that it shows continuity with the inclusion of Vezhdi Rashidov in the delegation.

Radev will attend Erdogan’s inauguration ceremony

“Over the years, we managed to build a relationship of trust and friendship with President Erdoğan. Turkey is Bulgaria’s largest economic partner outside the European Union. And in today’s complex geopolitical situation, Turkey’s role is noticeably growing,” said Radev.

“Together with President Erdoğan, we have been able to make tangible progress in our bilateral relations. After my visit to Istanbul, our country concluded an agreement that gives it access to all Turkish liquefied gas terminals and the gas transmission network for 13 years, with reserved capacity of 1.5 billion per year”, pointed out Radev and added: “We are the only country that managed to reach such an agreement”.

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Radev will accept the mandate from Denkov on Monday

“In the coming days, we should open the extension of the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint. A memorandum for a second railway line between Elhovo and Edirne is to be signed. A section between Lesovo and AM Maritsa is also being designed to separate the huge flow of tracks and trains in two. Construction of a pedestrian bridge near Rezovo will also be built. I strongly hope that the new government will take advantage of what has been achieved and finish what it started,” said Radev

He pointed out that Turkey has made a serious commitment to protect the external border of the EU.

“Bulgaria and Turkey are of key importance for the future of Europe,” Radev believes.

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