Band rejected allegations – women raise allegations against Rammstein singer Lindemann

In the ORF “Zeit im Bild” on Friday evening, an employee of the VIP area of ​​​​a Rammstein concert spoke anonymously. She reports on rooms in the VIP area that were used for “private activities” and had to be “cleaned afterwards”: “I saw girls leaving the VIP area and I’ve had a bad conscience about it for years.” , it said in the ORF report. The organizer of the current Rammstein tour, which will also take the band to Vienna’s Ernst Happel Stadium on July 26 and 27, did not comment on the allegations against the ZIB: “One has no insight into the cause.”

The Irish visitor to a Rammstein gig on May 22 in Vilnius had gotten this rolling in the past few days. She was specifically selected for a meeting with Lindemann. “The singer offered her alcohol and assumed that she wanted to have sex with him during a concert break. According to Shelby L., she refused, after which the singer became aggressive. Then her memory stopped again and again,” it says in the SZ report, in the course of which several women anonymously put similar memories on record.

The band, whose trademarks include stage shows with extravagant pyrotechnics and sometimes highly provocative lyrics, reacted on Twitter with the following statement: “Regarding the allegations about Vilnius circulating on the internet, we can rule out that what is being claimed happened in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigation into this.”

In the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” there is also talk of events surrounding a Vienna concert in 2019. A young woman speaks of possible border crossings on the part of Lindemann in a hotel room.

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In the course of the developments, the German publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch ended its cooperation with Lindemann on Friday. The publisher had published the volumes “In still nights” and “100 poems” with poems by the Rammstein front man. “In the course of current reporting, we became aware of a porn video in which Till Lindemann celebrates sexual violence against women and in which the 2013 book ‘In Stillen Nachten’, published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch, plays a role,” the statement said of the publisher.

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