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Bulgargaz Bankruptcy: Corruption Exposed in Energy Industry Contract Scandal

“Bulgargaz” is bankrupt, only the long-term contract for Azerbaijani gas is saving it. However, the share of the enterprise owned by the state is decreasing significantly due to its inadequate management and possible corruption schemes. The contract with the Turkish company “Botash” is only part of the discussion of the Bulgarian energy industry. The puppet masters of this destruction and the institutions under their control are considered to be very cunning and untouchable, but they cannot hide from the European Prosecutor’s Office”. situation.

He revealed that there were serious violations regarding the signing of the agreement with “Botash” under the interim government of Galab Donev. The arrangement in the IC was made retroactively, after signing the contract – the services must check how documents are settled after the fact. Nine of the ministers did not participate in these “procedures” at all, including then Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova. “Because she has been dealing with public finances for 20 years and she knew how long this contract could last,” explained Nikolov, according to whom it is madness for an official cabinet with short time to sign a contract for 13 years.

The former energy minister explained why this agreement harms the Bulgarian country with billions and how “Bulgargaz” is paying 1 million per day without getting anything: “Usually it is done comparison – what is the price for other customers of “Botash”, what are the fees But according to the contract with “Botash” “Bulgargaz” pays ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​more than 9 euros per megawatt hour an hour – with only 4.50 euros for delivery through Greece when the fees are too high, the contract cannot be used“(It is important that from the beginning of 2023, with a capacity of 14 tankers per year with liquefied gas, we have so far imported only one and a half tankers, right note.).

The contract was officially signed on January 3, 2023 – with fanfare, which means that the “Bulgargaz” report from July of the same year should show very good financial results. Instead, there we see BGN 68 million “costs for external services” – in fact these are hidden payments to “Botash”.

The worst thing is that the auditor who examined the financial report “Bulgargaz” signed it with a special opinion – he says that the company according to Art. 252 of the Commercial Law they cannot continue to operate as a commercial enterprise, emphasizing the former minister.

“Our services and their puppets think they are uniquely clever and untouchable. But Bulgaria is part of the European gas market and corrupt practices in Bulgaria will not go unnoticed. When our services and judges do not do the job, the European ones will come, Nikolov is sure.

More on the subject – in the video.

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