“Building Material Prices Update: Iron and Cement Prices Decline in Local Markets on May 27, 2023”

Iron and cement prices declined today, Saturday, May 27, 2023 in the markets locally during the past hours, as iron decreased between 100 and 300 pounds per ton, while cement prices also declined, ranging between 70 and 130 pounds per ton, and white cement prices stabilized, in addition to That prices differ from one region to another, and gypsum prices have also stabilized recently, according to supply and demand processes, in addition to transportation expenses.

We show you the prices of building materials in the market.

1- The price of a ton of iron with tea reached 36,700 pounds.

2- The price of a ton of Ezz and Dekheila iron reached 37 thousand pounds.

3- A decimal ton of iron recorded 35,500 pounds.

4- The price of a ton of Maadi iron reached 35,500 pounds.

5- The price of a ton of Egypt Steel reached 35 thousand pounds.

6- A ton of Arab Armed Company cement recorded 1,790 pounds.

7- The price of a ton of Arab Al-Nasr cement reached 1730 pounds.

8- A ton of military cement recorded 1,730 pounds.

9- The price of a ton of Sinai cement reached 1730 pounds.

10- The price of a ton of Tora and Helwan cement was recorded at 1800 pounds.

11- The price of a ton of Swedish cement reached 1880 pounds.

12- Gypsum International recorded 710 pounds per ton.

13- A ton of gypsum in Egypt, Sinai, reached 650 pounds.

14- The price of a ton of Sinai gypsum reached 850 pounds.

15- The average price of white cement was usually 3300 pounds per ton.

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16- The price of a ton of White Super Sinai cement reached 3150 pounds.

17- The price of a ton of white oasis cement reached 3,200 pounds.

18- Lafarge Salinity Resistant Cement, the ton amounted to 1840 pounds.

19- A ton of Suez salinity resistant cement recorded 1840 pounds.

20- The price of a ton of El Sewedy salt-resistant cement reached 1940 pounds.

21- The price of a ton of Arabian Salinity Resistant Cement reached 1840 pounds.

22- The price of a ton of mixed Assiut cement was recorded at 1200 pounds..and the mixed Oasis reached 1215 pounds.

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