Mouy. The class at Louise Michel school is about to be saved, but at what cost?

If the class of the Louise Michel school in Mouy (Oise) is about to be saved, it will be accompanied by the closure of the single class located in the hamlet of Coincourt.- Photo: DR

For several weeks, the parents of students at the Louise Michel de Mouy school have been fighting against the announced closure of one of their classes. Several local elected officials joined the fight. At the end of a departmental council of National Education (CDEN) organized Tuesday February 22, the class of the school is in the process of being saved, but to the detriment of the single class of the hamlet of Coincourt which it, will have to close its doors.

Coincourt will close in favor of Louise Michel

From left to right: DVD senator Olivier Paccaud, Mouy mayor Philippe Mauger and LR deputy Maxime Minot officially closed the Coincourt class. – Photo: Hassan Sadi / Oise Hebdo

«I don’t consider that we won, it’s a form of blackmail“, loose the mayor of Mouy Philippe Mauger, crossed on the occasion of the community council of Clermontois this Thursday, February 24. He had already said it last week, “National Education puts the closure of Coincourt in the balance to agree not to close a class at Louise Michel”. Senator (DVD) Olivier Paccaud and deputy (LR) Maxime Minot had meanwhile noted that this “exchange” was becoming inevitable. The municipality of Mouy will therefore have to prepare to lose a teaching post. “During the CDEN, Senator Paccaud recalled how abnormal it was that Mouy left the priority education system several years ago”, comments Aurélie Bergeron, co-departmental secretary of the FSU/SNUipp union. Last week, the senator hoped that Mouy could in the future rejoin the priority education network, “this is not really the direction that National Education is taking at the moment”, warns the trade unionist. “The Academic Director of National Education (DASEN) said she was thinking about a distribution of students in the Coincourt class», adds Aurélie Bergeron who recalls that the final decision will be taken in June during a joint technical committee.
“We expected this closure of the single class of Coincourt. This will go through a reorganization with the students of Coincourt coming from several levels who will be divided into several classes of Louise Michel. In the end, it may change the number of students per class, about two more. If this is the solution to save Louise Michel’s class, you have to go through it”, concedes Maxime Minot, also regretting the loss of a teaching post. Parent of a student engaged in the battle, Géraldine Bienaimée is more cautious and awaits the result of the committee to declare victory.

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