Bugatti accident at Gotthard: huge damage and an injured woman

Millions of sleds overtake on Gotthard: huge damage and an injured woman

The scene of the accident with the demolished Porsche and the broken Mercedes. Image: Cape Uri

On Wednesday there was an accident on the Gotthard Pass road with an injured person and damage amounting to millions. The driver of a sports vehicle (a Bugatti Chiron) wanted to overtake three cars and a mobile home when the car in front of him (Porsche) started to overtake.

There was a collision between the two vehicles, as the Uri canton police announced. The car in front with a Lucerne license plate collided with the car in front with an Aargau number.

The cars with Lucerne and Aargau numbers then collided with the column stones on the left edge of the lane and came to a standstill on the opposite lane. The passenger in the Aargau car was seriously injured. It was said that she had been brought to the canton hospital by the Uri emergency services.

The driver of the Schwyz sports car who started to overtake was able to steer the vehicle back into the lane. In doing so, however, he collided with the Aargau mobile home that was driving first.

The accident occurred shortly after 12 noon at the Gamsboden level. The property damage amounts to around 3.7 million francs. The Gotthard Pass road was temporarily closed for rescue and rescue work. (sda)

More police report:

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