Buffalos and Rams will compete in the El Nevado Bowl in the 40+ veterans league – El Sol de Toluca

Within the activity in week six of the VFA League, (American Football Veterans), Toluca buffalo and Carneros will play the first edition of the El Nevado Bowl, where the top of the group will also be at stake.

Paris Millán reported that this event arose with the idea of ​​promoting a celebration, since there is a good relationship and camaraderie between the two teams in the city, added to the fact that within the sixth week of the tournament they face each other and it was decided to have a party sports in the field of La Pradera, Santa Cruz Atzcapotzaltongo.

Along with Sergio Baz Ferreira, president of the Búfalos de Toluca club, Joel Garduño, Búfalos central linebacker; Marco Zendejas, organizer and member of Carneros; Fernando Fonseca, linbacker; Roberto Mejía, offensive coach and Daniel Manjarez, head coach of Carneros, the two organizations detailed how the first El Nevado Bowl will be held.

As the name implies, “Hitting the Summit” will take place next weekend. These two institutions have had a very important tournament and it has not been easy after this pandemic that we still have it, but finally the people and the teams have responded”, Said Millan about the match.

He added that with the participation of Búfalos and Rams in the American Football Veterans League, both will reach week six with a winning record, that is, in the meeting on Sunday, November 28, the leadership of the group in the VFA.

Today the Nevado de Toluca Bowl is born and generates a lot of expectation on the part of the two organizations, both Carneros and Búfalos, two civil associations without many resources, we are being protagonists of this league of American football veterans”Said the organizers.

For this duel, scheduled to start at 11:00, the stands will be one hundred percent open, that is, around 2,500 spectators will be able to witness the match, since the VFA League, (American Football Veterans) gave the endorsement to have “Full house”. The cost of the tickets is 30 pesos.

Regarding the protocol for the Covid-19 pandemic, the Búfalos and Rams institutions anticipated that they will be attentive to ensure that the use of face masks is complied with at all times and that attendees comply with the temperature taking process upon entering La Pradera and that the exit is orderly and without commotion.



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