N-VA may temporarily celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cookie box

The cookies with which the N-VA would celebrate their twentieth anniversary may temporarily no longer be sold. Not because there is something wrong with the cookies, but because the party forgot something.

Laurence Torck

“This product is currently out of stock,” reads the party’s website for the Nil Volentibus Arduum Biscuit Box, which was specially designed for the party’s 20th anniversary. But the N-VA still has a stock. And more than hoped, because the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FAVV) temporarily bans them from selling the cookies.

“The cookies have not been recalled, but we received an email from a consumer to inform us that the box does not contain a label. We went on site and determined that it does not actually contain a label,” explains Hélène Bonte of the FASFC. This label is required by law, so no label means no sale.

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The cookies in question

The cookies in question ©  mijn.n-va.be

“According to the law, prepackaged foods must contain information about the shelf life and the allergens. The lot number must also be on it so that if something is wrong with a certain lot, everything can be traced immediately.”

According to Bonte, the party was not fined, but it must first get the labels in order before it wants to sell the cookies further. “We will also monitor that and see whether they have effectively adapted it before selling it on,” says Bonte.



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