Budget preparation assistant ref: ag_259 – Herault MONTPELLIER departmental council | Choose public service

Business reference knowledge:
* Public finances
* Analysis and diagnosis methodology
* Budgetary and accounting rules
* Financial strategy
* Internal procedure(s) of the area of ​​intervention

Job knowledge:
* Public accounting
* Public finances
* Budget nomenclature (M52…)
* Budgetary and accounting rules
* Organization and functioning of the Department

Professional reference know-how:
* Use office software
* Use retrospective and prospective analysis methods
* Use the software(s) and package(s) of the area of ​​intervention

Position know-how:
* Apply and monitor compliance with the operating procedure
* Apply regulations
* Develop and monitor the execution of a budget
* Advisor in his area of ​​intervention

Behavioral knowledge of business reference:
* Analytical skills
* Communication skills
* Sense of pedagogy
* Rigueur
* Analytical mind

Knowledge of post behavior:
* Adaptability
* Curiosity of mind
* Team spirit
* Sense of organization
* Reactivity

Transverse perimeters:
* Position within a quality scope: YES
* Position included in a project scope: YES

* Scope identification: Others
* Identification of the agent’s function within the scope: Contributor

Other information about the position:

Key figures:

* Budget management: YES
* Amount of budget managed: 1800000000.00
* Team supervision: NO
* Number of agents supervised: 0

Other key figures:

* Around 10/20 reports to check per month
* 3,000 budget lines
* 2 budgets annexes
* 2/3 DM per year
* 1/4 of the time is devoted to advice and assistance to management services
* Around 18,000 inventory sheets monitored
* BO queries to update

Hourly constraints of the position:

*Availability regarding schedules: YES
* Type of time constraint: Full-time position
* Accuracy in the event of a specific/particular schedule: Constraints linked to the budget calendar

Job constraints:

Identification of the constraint:

Other constraints:

* Respect of imposed deadlines
* Essential knowledge of IT and business software
* Activity linked to the budget calendar

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