“A hell of a mess”: Julien Doré ready to do Eurovision? His cash response!

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Since Thursday evening, the public has been able to discover Julien Doré in the role of “Panda” in the series of the same name on TF1. And with great success as 5.5 million viewers followed the first two episodes. For the singer, it is a “ new adventure » in his career, as he indicates to our colleagues at Purebreak : « These experiences, in music, nourish the fact that we manage to evacuate enough stress so that we can act. (…) I had the impression that I didn’t master all the technical codes in a shoot, I didn’t know them and I was just discovering them. It is certain that I found fun when I play but these are fragments during the day because it stops to start again… It is radically different from an area where I am used to mastering the material that I’m about to share ».

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“A hell of a mess”

For Purecharts, the artist also spoke about his return to music, his major tour planned for 2025 and above all a thorny question: would he be ready to represent France at Eurovision one day? “ I didn’t put it in the CV! I laugh about it, but at the same time it must be a mental load, stressful. Beyond the floodgates, things stir up quite a mess. To defend, to carry through a song the symbol of the country you are in, it’s still very special » he answers our microphone, while Slimane will be in Malmö next May with his song “Mon amour”: “ And in addition this absolute pressure which is that whatever happens you always finish behind… ».

“I don’t want people to make fun of me.”

If he admits not having “ never thought » at Eurovision, Julien Doré is not necessarily enthusiastic about the idea: “ It must be a very stressful thing, I prefer not even to think about it. For now and to be very honest, no one has ever approached me about this or offered this thing, which I could have refused or accepted “. Very popular in France, the interpreter of “La Fever” has difficulty considering that the whole of Europe can judge him on a single song: “ Me, I’m terrified when I’m doing a promo, when there’s a camera, I sweat, I shake. But going to sing a song in front of millions of people all over the world… I don’t want people to make fun of me in Sweden, I prefer that people don’t know me in Sweden. (…) There is no moment, I think, when you don’t give a damn about this pressure. Then I don’t want people to judge me in other places, I just prefer that people don’t know that I’m there. Just mentioning it stresses me out even though no one asked me anything! ».

For Julien Doré, all this barnum that Eurovision represents reminds him of a documentary on Miley Cyrus et « the moment she finds out she has to go to the Super Bowl or something » : « At the same time, it’s fabulous news, and you feel this weight that we sometimes experience for much more minimal things. I know those eyes, that wave within. When you say to someone “I wish it was you for Eurovision”, this thing that must invade you… I think that today I would be terrified to experience that ». « It’s still crazy that we spent so much time talking about Eurovision » he concludes with humor at our microphone!

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