Brussels expands night clock from 10 pm to 6 am

The board of the Brussels-Capital Region has decided to extend the curfew. Instead of between midnight and 5 am, it will apply from 10 pm to 6 am, it was decided at a meeting of the provincial crisis cell. In addition, there will also be a generalization of the mouth mask obligation throughout the Brussels territory.

The provincial crisis cell had been meeting since 12.30 pm. Immediately afterwards, the decision to adjust the curfew was communicated by a number of mayors who attended the session.

At a press conference, Brussels Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort called the outbreak of the coronavirus ‘a collective lesson in humility’. Brussels currently has, together with Wallonia, the highest number of infections in relation to the number of inhabitants in all of Europe. Wallonia has therefore already decided to tighten up the measures, and Brussels is now following that example.

In addition to the extension of the mouth mask obligation and the curfew, a number of rules will be tightened. All cultural and sports infrastructure will be locked until 19 November. Higher education students will only receive distance learning. Amateur sports competitions are prohibited.


Virologist Marc Van Ranst already announced on Twitter that Brussels should follow the example of Wallonia in his opinion, which has now happened. According to him, Flanders would also do well to ‘spend a month in a lockdown that we will not call a lockdown’.


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