Brother Dutch: “Spider-Man 3” is the most ambitious superhero independent film-Disney-Marvel Marvel Studio

When Tom Holland was interviewed by Variety Show recently and was asked about the progress of the highly anticipated Spider-Man 3, he said that the film is the most ambitious superhero independent film ever.When asked about the “three generations of Spider-Man in the same frame” rumors later, the Dutch brother said that he didn’t know anything.


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Regarding the “Spider-Man 3” being filmed, the Dutch brother said that the film was shot for about two months and has a lot of content, but now he can’t spoil anything. He said “Spider-Man 3” will be the most ambitious independent super British film ever.

“You sit down and watch what is written in the script. They succeeded. It’s really great. I have never watched a superhero independent film like this. And I want to emphasize that I’m so lucky. Can play Spider-Man. We still have a lot of things to shoot. We started shooting before Christmas, and we have been shooting for almost seven weeks now. I took a break and resumed work during Christmas week. Like everyone, I look forward to seeing this movie. Not to mention how happy it is to be able to participate.”

Later, the Dutch brother was asked whether Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Kirsten Dunst would appear in Spider-Man 3 as rumored. The Dutch brother said: “I don’t know. ! Maybe they will show up, but no one has told me about it yet.”

The Dutch brother revealed that he had never met Dunst and met Garfield once. He was very nice, optimistic and positive, and they had a good conversation. I have met Maguire many times in Los Angeles, and the people are very nice. I hope they will be very happy watching his “Spider-Man” series.

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Speaking of his favorite film and television performances, the Dutch brother said that Edward Norton in “First Fear” is one of his favorites and the performance is perfect. He learned a lot from this movie. Regarding whether there is a role he wants to play, the Dutch brother said: “As a British guy who loves movies, I want to be James Bond. So I just put it here: I look good in a suit.”


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