Bronx fire victims still searching for housing | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

>> good thing they’re fallinggood to alladriana: before the tragedy of thefire in the bronx, manysurvivors feel thelimbo, nor traces were asolution to which situationliving place. damaris íaz uscount how the leaders areelected and what is nationalcell problem, what helpprovides in front ofvictims.we have listened to all omafrom the mayor, thegovernor, the firefighters whothey arrived on sunday to treatto stop the fire togethersay this could have beenavoided and they say they willpossible to ensure thathappen again in the cityfrom New York.their departments, but othersthey are taken and they don’t wantto get back. so it was donea press conference,congressman richie torres saysthat they can move to anotherbuilding, they are offeringhelp to make that change.has become a centerthey lost everything infire.announced that he is workinga new legislation thatwill help address the causesfire natural.left dozens of wounded.It is a group that with thelocal, state and federal supportagainst the god haah.that the building ownersoffer heatingnecessary for theresidents do not have to usean electric heater orfind ways tokeep warm.we will see what he said duringthis conference.>> we will fight to passSave lifes.we cannot allow thehistory repeats itself.damaris: at the conferencewe speak in other diers andwe ask what will happen tothe people who meetin hotels and were not returning totheir departments. the

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