Anders Tegnell: – – Agree with the Norwegians

The Public Health Authority (FHM) expects that the spread of infection will reach a peak at the end of January. The strong spread of infection is due to the virus variant omicron, which now dominates in Sweden.

The authorities have created two scenarios, and in both it seems that the peak of infection will be reached at the end of January. In one, it is estimated that around 47,000 cases will then be registered per day before the infection drops again. In the second, it is estimated that the number of cases will be around 69,000 at the most.

The variant is also dominant in Norway. According to FHI, we are facing a winter wave with omikron like that will not be possible to stop.

“Hundreds of thousands will be infected. An omicon-driven winter wave is not possible to stop, but it may be possible to dampen the top of it “, it is stated in FHI’s latest risk assessment for the coronavirus.

Tegnell shares the department’s view.

– Yes, it is an opinion that we have actually had for quite some time. Some level of restrictions that do not do too much damage is good to have. It slows down the peak of infection so that the health service does not get as many patients at once. However, preventing large parts of the unvaccinated population from getting omicron seems difficult or impossible. There I agree with the Norwegians, he says Today’s News.

CRITICAL: Director General of FHI, Camilla Stoltenberg, on corona passport 13 January 2022 Video: Vegard Krüger. Reporter: Frode Andresen.
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At a press conference on Thursday, the Norwegian government announced that they are relaxing the quarantine rules. The quarantine of infection for other close contacts to infected persons, ie those who are not household members or similarly close, is now being replaced by a test regime.

Tegnell confirms to the newspaper that the health authorities in Sweden are also working on changes to the regulations. In Sweden, you must be quarantined for seven days from a positive PCR test.

– We are now working on that question to see how to change the rules to continue to maintain as high security as possible but not create as great a shortage of labor in society so that it can do harm, he says.

The infection has spread rapidly in several Swedish regions – including Stockholm – in recent times. The number of corona patients in the capital area has increased by as much as 30 percent in the last week. On Tuesday, 396 people were admitted with covid-19 – an increase of 115 from the same day last week, writes Expressen.

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