Broadcaster Kim Yong-man’s Son Preparing to Run a Club in Itaewon

Broadcaster Kim Yong-man revealed that his son, who entered Berklee College of Music in the United States, is preparing to run a club in Itaewon.

On the 29th, a video titled ‘Lee Kyung-gyu

In the video, Lee Gyeong-gyu mentioned Kim Yong-man’s son, saying, “(Kim) Yong-man said his son is going to Berklee College of Music.” Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “I went to Australia with Kim Yong-man to film ‘We Must Stand Together’, and when Kim Yong-man answered the phone on the bus, his eyes turned red and he shed tears. I asked, ‘Why are you doing that?’ and he said, ‘Brother, my son got into Berklee College of Music.’ “He said,” he recalled.

When Lee Gyeong-gyu asked if his son graduated from that school, Kim Yong-man made a bitter expression and said, “I beat him up. I sorted it out.”

Kim Yong-man said, “Kids these days are like that. They said it wasn’t right,” and “rather than hitting them, they cleaned it up and went back in later, but they did the other thing.” He then shared his son’s current status, saying, “I’m currently trying to run a club in Itaewon. I’m DJing. He said he wants to do something, so I’m actively supporting him. It’s going to open in November.”

When Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “We should go (to the club) sometime,” Kim Yong-man laughed and said, “We are denied entry.” Kim Soo-yong made people laugh by saying, “When you get older and try to go into a club, they politely refuse you. They say ‘interior repairs are in progress’, but you can hear music pounding inside.”

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(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kang Seon-ae)

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