British intelligence: an elite Russian army has been transferred to the Luhansk region

The British Ministry of Defense dedicates its next intelligence report to predictions for further developments in the Luhansk region, where the Russian military has completed the preparation of a 60-kilometer trench and defense systemreports the BBC’s Russian Service.

Apparently so the units of the First Tank Army of the Russian Federation – elite military unit, they are deployed on the front line near the town of Svatovo in the Luhansk region.

During the war, this army has already suffered significant losses, especially during the withdrawal from the Kharkiv region in September 2022. Now, apparently, the composition of the army is full of mobilized. But still its population is much less than 25 thousand peopleprovided for by the regulation.

Russian forces have completed near continuous preparations A 60-kilometer trench system between Svatovo and the Russian border. Despite the system’s impressive range and depth, its defensive capabilities are still unclear, British intelligence said.

The effectiveness of the 1st Guards Tank Army and other units conducting defensive actions, it will largely depend on the extent of their interaction and backlog of supportsummarize the analysts.

On November 21, British intelligence noticed this Svatovo is a major settlement in the Luhansk region, The Russian authorities most likely consider maintaining control of the city a political priority. At the same time, the commanders are likely to face difficult military realities: they have to maintain a credible defense and at the same time look for resources for offensive operations in the south, in the Donetsk region. Both Russia’s defensive and offensive capabilities continue to be limited by severe shortages of munitions and skilled military personnel.

Ukraine says it has retaken 13 settlements in the Luhansk region

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