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British anti-tank shell removed from rectum

Photo: thesun.co.uk

An unusual operation was performed at a local hospital

The man came to the hospital and said that he “slipped and fell” on the ammunition. The doctors called in the sappers.

A resident of the English city of Gloucester with a projectile from the Second World War in his rectum turned to doctors for help. He was saved informs Insider edition.

According to reports, the man came to the hospital and said that he “slipped and fell” on an artillery shell. The doctors, following security protocol, immediately called the demolitionists.

While the ordnance disposal specialists arrived at the scene, the shell had already been removed. It turned out to be defective and not a threat.

According to the patient, the ammunition was part of his personal collection.

At the same time, The Sun edition clarifiesthat the dimensions of the projectile are 17 centimeters in length and six in width.

“This guy said that he found a shell when he was cleaning his things. He put it on the floor, then slipped and fell on him – and it hit him in the rectum. The man was in great pain,” the source told the newspaper.

In connection with the incident, the British Ministry of Health said that removing objects from the rectum costs the budget about 450 thousand dollars annually.

Earlier in the Chernivtsi region, a man while searching for historical values stumbled upon an artillery shell past wars and blew up on it. He died.

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