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Breaking Healthy Lifestyle Rules: Finding Balance for Maximum Well-Being

Solely in order to feel as good as possible.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a very healthy habit. In the end, our health and longevity largely depend on our lifestyle. But some healthy lifestyle rules should be broken sometimes.

Have oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal cooked from whole grains, with the addition of berries, nuts and dried fruits – what could be tastier and healthier? Practically, nothing – but on the condition that you do not eat it for breakfast every morning. The fact is that oats contain phytates that prevent the absorption of calcium. And this can be especially dangerous after 40 years, when we already do not get enough of this important trace element. So oatmeal – two to three times a week. And definitely more dairy products!

There are many fresh vegetables

There can be no catch here: everyone has heard about the benefits and health needs of fresh vegetables. But the fact is that too much crude fiber can lead to intestinal irritation and bloating. And also – many vitamins and microelements, which are rich in vegetables, are better absorbed in the processed form. So do not forget about boiled, steamed and baked vegetables.

eat less sweets

Scientists are increasingly inclined to conclude that the negative effect that sugar has on the health of blood vessels, the heart and the endocrine system is primarily associated with the amount of this product. If we eat more than we end up spending, our health suffers. But if you keep the balance, sugar from the enemy will become what it should be: the most suitable source of energy for the whole body and, first of all, for our brain. So from time to time you definitely should not refuse a chocolate bar or a cake.

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