Brazilian pastor may be punished for claiming “heavy vaccine causes AIDS and cancer”

A Brazilian pastor is on the verge of punishment after claiming that a Chinese-made new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine can cause AIDS (AIDS) and cancer.

According to Brazilian media on the 23rd (local time), prosecutors in Seara Province in northeastern Brazil announced that they should take civil and criminal responsibility the day before, prosecuting Pastor Darby Gois for spreading fake news.

The prosecution said Rev. Darby Gois should present a technical, scientific, and health care basis to support his claim within 15 days.

Pastor Darby Gois recently uploaded a video on social media (SNS) that claimed that the Chinese Corona 19 vaccine could cause cancer by modifying DNA, and the AIDS virus was present in the vaccine. did.

In Brazil, China’s Sinovac (科興中維) is about to approve the coronavirus vaccine, the Corona 19 vaccine.

The Butantang Research Center under the government of Sao Paulo has been conducting phase 3 clinical trials with Synovac, and the National Hygiene Monitoring Bureau (Anvisa) under the Ministry of Health officially recognized Synovac’s vaccine production capacity on the 21st.

This means that the National Sanitation Bureau will approve the coronavirus sooner or later.

Sao Paulo Governor Juan Doria is scheduled to start vaccinating from January 25th after approval by the National Sanitation Bureau by mid-January next year.

In Brazil, phase 3 clinical trials of four COVID-19 vaccines are in progress, including Synovac, a multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, Oxford University in the UK, Pfizer in the US, Bioentech in Germany, Johnson & Johnson in the US and Janssen in Belgium.

No vaccine has yet been approved by the National Sanitation Agency.

(Yonhap News/Photo = Yonhap News)



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