Brazil reverses decision on release of top criminal and starts search | NOW

The Brazilian police are looking for one of the country’s biggest criminal leaders. André Oliveira Macedo, also known as ‘André do Rap’, was released by the judge on Saturday pending trial. That decision was overturned by the Supreme Court shortly afterwards, several write Brazilian media.

Macedo is a leading member of the infamous Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) gang. The organization is held responsible for attacks on the police, government buildings, banks and buses, for violent robberies and drug trafficking.

Brazilian police arrested Macedo in September 2019 and detained him in a maximum-security prison in São Paulo. Because his custody was longer than legally allowed, a judge ruled that he could await his trial outside of prison. The top criminal was placed under house arrest.

The release caused a stir in the country. The Governor of the State of São Paulo has called it an “unacceptable mercy to criminals”. The Supreme Court reversed the judge’s decision shortly afterward and issued a warrant for Macedo.

The top criminal turned out to have already fled. Brazilian media suggests that Macedo has fled the country and is in Paraguay.


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