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Branko horoscope today Friday 25 November 2022: the best zodiac of the day


Learn to have a more detached look at material possessions and anything that seems to be consolidated. There is a wisdom now guiding you to new achievements and endeavours. But remember that you must have other people and the collective in your plans. Plan well the material changes you want.


Uranus has asked you to leave your comfort zone and today the Moon here reminds you of this reality on an emotional level as well. Remember that changes can bring many new and good things. Use the wisdom of faith and courage to renew yourself and take more risks. Professional matters can require patience and commitment.


Unconscious matters have been reversed by Uranus and the Moon comes to bridge the gap between one side and the other. Have wisdom and emotional discernment, as this is a time that can be extremely important in releasing old traumas and issues. Time for planned and realistic changes.


The changes in the friendships and groups you belong to have been prompted by Uranus. The Moon, your regent, comes to remind you to find a balance between loving and letting go, between being welcoming and cold. She uses the wisdom of fairness to make more rational judgments about your relationships. Deep exchanges require boundaries and objectivity.


Career changes and established structures have been imperative. Today is a day that reminds you on an emotional level not to cling to structures that are no longer compatible with who you are. Forget the status quo, think about what you really want. Your wisdom and manpower will be key. Relationships and partnerships require patience and boundaries.


Your beliefs have been challenged and this is an important time to allow yourself more flexibility. Observe more before judging or making decisions. Seek the wisdom to be who you are, to listen to your heart before surrendering to a lifeless, robotic lifestyle. But don’t forget her natural attention to detail and detail.


Uranus has turned around so that you learn not to depend so much on others. It also changes in your deep emotions and sexuality. Allow for a cooler, more pragmatic analysis of what you hear today. Use emotional wisdom to take an objective, loving, and more detached view. Commitment to being authentic and true to yourself.


Your partnership relationships are being tested by Uranus. The search for freer, more diverse and innovative relationships is on the rise. Or make reforms to that existing relationship. Use the wisdom of your looser side to seek out what truly makes you happy. Remember the commitment to be faithful to what you feel in your intimacy.


Your routine, work, health and care for the material world have been transformed by Uranus. You are invited to step out of your comfort zone. Innovate, do something different and unconventional with your workforce. Change your health habits. Remember to have a realistic mindset in order to make real and pragmatic changes.


You have been challenged to break through the armor and be more authentic, giving, courageous and genuine. This is the time to take more risks and dare to be yourself. Use the wisdom of being who you are and self-knowledge to profoundly renovate your life on multiple levels. Saturn, your ruler, reminds you to seek self-esteem seriously and with commitment.


Your family life, your home, and your personal emotions have been undergoing intense changes that have taken you out of your comfort zone. But that’s where your growth path lies. Whoever you are, seek more objectivity to address such areas. Saturn in your sign (solar or ascendant) reminds you to be more engaged with yourself and your priorities.


Your ideas and concepts have recently been challenged by Uranus and this is something very valuable, as it is opening your mind to bigger, more humanitarian, supportive, scientific and innovative concepts. There is also a commitment to sharpen personal and collective emotional issues and this mental renewal can be very helpful in the process.

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