Brainstorm participates in the Estonian film Eriks Akmensrds / Diena

The film is directed by Estonian director Ilmāras Rāga (Ilmar Ragagi) is co-led by Estonia, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland and Latvia.

Offer to join Erika Stoneheart Latvian producer Roberts Vinovskis voiced in the creation (Locomotive Study), along with the idea of ​​composing music, Renard Cowper was also offered the role of a pirate. Cowper plays a modern-day pirate named Versace in the film. To get into character, Renard even dyed his hair blonde. “I really enjoyed the shooting process, especially playing such an eccentric and colorful character like Versace! It was also a great honor and privilege for us to create a song for such an amazing fantasy film. We all worked together on the song and we invited our Swedish producer Powel Olson (Povell Olsson). Of course, we also consulted with director Ilmars so that the song was romantic and touching and reflected the message of the film, how important the support of a friend is in difficult times,” says Renars Kauper about the cinematic experience.

Songs Still alive the video is directed by the band Brainstorming drummer Kaspars Roga. Still alive music video available Brainstorming on YouTube on the channel and the song can be heard on all major channels on music streaming platforms.

The film is expected Eric Stoneheart it will be released in latvian in 2023 and the film’s title song will be in latvian Brain storms a duet with a young Latvian musician.

Brainstorming he has already collaborated with the main producer of the film from Estonia, Rina Sildos (with Riina Sildos), writing songs for animated films Lottery of the Village of Inventors And Lote and the Secret of the Moonstone.

Brain storms the activities can be followed on the group’s social networks Facebook And Instagram. All updated information about the group is available on the website

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