BOWKYLION is delighted! Tickets for the first big concert are SOLD OUT immediately from the first day of sale.

as the Hottest Female Artist of the Year for “BOWKYLION” (black lion) or bogey-Pichsini Weerasutthimas under the fieldsong What The Duck (What The Duck), the ownerhit songIn an air where everyone can surely sing along, be it “down”, “escalation”, “drawing” and many more, just days before, the bogeys came out to herald a vast array of good news. Getting ready to hold the first full solo concert in life Chang Cold Brew Cool Club presents BOWKYLION LANTA CONE TIMERT is ready to hold a press conference. and opened for concert ticket sales on the first day that was accepted by the fans go rock-solid Up to create a phenomenon of over 4,000 SOLD OUT tickets all at once in a short time

The first full-scale concert, Chang Cold Brew Cool, was launched at the press conference. Club presents BOWKYLION LANTA CONE TIMERT that bogeyman reveals he wants to throw his whole body. Bring out all the experience and talents to put on a special show that will dazzle your eyes. this guarantees that fans willneverWhere have you seen this before? Plus, there are also secret surprises to keep fans excited during the show, of course. Including unexpected fun Departure brings in personal belief “Astrology – Horoscope – Star Orbit” is a gimmick to create color for the whole show as well. In which this work, the person himself was extremely pleased. because the response was better than expected beyond dreams he had ever drawn and thanks to the fans Everyone who sent inSinkto make it so overwhelming

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Fans who already have concert tickets get ready Because Dr. Bokie predicted spectacular entertainment awaits everyone Chang Cold Brew Cool Club presents BOWKYLION LANTA CONCERT February 18, 2023 at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani and can follow news and movement via and

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