Botman: ‘Newcastle? It seemed better than Milan, I wanted the English already in January ‘| First page

He has long dealt with the MilanBut in the end Sven Botman moved to the Newcastle. The former Lille defender spoke to The Telegraph and explained his choice: “In the end, Newcastle’s ambitious plan, combined with playing in the Premier League, was the deciding factor. I have dreamed of playing in the English league all my life. Milan also gave me good feelings, but Newcastle seemed a little better in the end. In England football is different than in France, everything revolves around football. I’m not such a famous player, but on the street they recognized me and wanted to talk to me. Fans welcomed me warmly to the stadium and training center as well, and I’m not used to that.

Botman proceeds: “I wanted to move to Newcastle as early as January, because trains like these only pass once, I know it’s a bit of a cliché but that’s the way it is. For me Newcastle was a great opportunity, but the club wanted to keep me. In the end I was able to say goodbye to Lille in the right way, the club deserved it. Staying was certainly not a punishment, because I knew that two splendid matches with Chelsea were on the way in the Champions League. ”

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