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Boris Johnson weakened by electoral defeats refuses to resign

Boris Johnson again refused to resign after the Conservative Party's defeat in the by-elections.
Boris Johnson weakened by electoral defeats. Photo: AFP

The british prime minister, Boris Johnsonreceived a new blow to his legitimacy this Friday, but he again refused to resign after the defeat of his Conservative Party in some by-elections that caused the sudden resignation of the president of the formation.

The Conservatives lost both seats at stake in Tiverton-Honitona historically right-wing constituency in southwestern Englandy Wakefielda traditional left-wing fiefdom in the so-called “red wall” in the north of the country, which they had seized from Labor in the 2019 legislative elections.

in some by-elections whose results were known on Friday morning, Tiverton-Honiton elected a deputy from the centrist Liberal Democratic Party y Wakefield returned to the hands of Labor Party.

These elections take place less than three weeks after Boris Johnson survived a confidence motion launched by rebel deputies from his formation in an attempt to bring him down.

And its result further weakens a Prime Minister rapidly losing popularity, considered a “liar” by a majority of British and faced with social discontent due to uncontrolled inflation, 9.1% in May and 11% forecast for October.

Since Rwandawhere he participates in a summit of the Commonwealth, Boris Johnson He acknowledged that the electoral result is “difficult” for his party, but promised to “listen” to voters and “go ahead” with his work on the reins of government.

“We have to recognize that we must do more and we will, we will continue, responding to people’s concerns.”

Boris JohnsonPrime Minister of the United Kingdom

Triumphant winner of the 2019 legislative elections thanks to the promise to carry out the Brexit, Boris Johnsonwhich had lost two other partial legislative elections last year and suffered a electoral setback in local elections in Mayis no longer considered a electoral steamroller by many in his party, but an increasingly heavy burden.

The new defeats “are the latest in a series of very bad results for our party,” wrote the president of the British Conservative Party, Oliver Dowdenin a letter addressed to Johnson in which he announced his resignation.

“We cannot continue as usual,” he said, considering that “someone must take responsibility” in a harsh message to the leader of the formation.

Boris Johnson and the fall of the Conservatives

Los Liberal Democrats they surpassed the conservatives by more than six votes in the constituency of Tiverton-Honitonwho had voted to the right in every general election since the 1880s.

And in Wakefieldthe labor opposition gained a lead of nearly 5,000 votes in one of the many fiefdoms that Boris Johnson he had taken from him three years ago with the promise of ending regional economic inequalities.

In their respective speeches, the two new deputies assured that the United Kingdom had lost his confidence in Boris Johnson and they urged him to resign after the “partygate”, the scandal of the multiple parties organized in Downing Street during the 2020 and 2021 coronavirus lockdowns.

The labor leader, Keir Starmerwho aspires to become Prime Minister in the general elections scheduled for 2024, assured that the victory of his party in one of his historic strongholds it shows they can win nationally for the first time in over a decade.

Wakefield has shown that the country has lost confidence in the tories. This result is a clear opinion on the Conservative Partywho has run out of energy and ideas”.

For his part, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Ed Daveycelebrated that his formation made “political history with this amazing victory” and assured that the citizens of “Tiverton y Honiton They spoke for the country.”

“People are tired of lies and breaches of Boris Johnson And it’s time for Conservative MPs to finally do the right thing and kick him out.”

After the vote of confidence won by Boris Johnson on June 6, the Conservative Party he cannot attempt another such action against his leader.

However the Prime Minister will soon be the subject of a parliamentary investigation to determine if he knowingly lied to the deputies when he assured that there was no Downing Street some parties that were subsequently sanctioned by the police with 126 fines.

deceive the Parliament is normally a reason for resignation and if Johnson a growing rebellion among his ranks could pressure him to do so.

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