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Borderlands 3: the adapted version of Elimination at the secret site of Maliwan takes date – News


In Borderlands 3, the “Elimination at the secret site of Maliwan” raid will soon have its difficulty settled on the number of players in your group for a limited time.

Usually this raid is designed for full groups of four players at the maximum level. But from January 16 to 30, its difficulty will adjust to your group, so that it will be easier to finish it with a small group or even solo. Gearbox recommends that you be well prepared regardless of the size of your group. This adapted version of the raid was initially to be deployed on December 31, but a technical problem had forced the developers to postpone it. Remember that two bosses are up against each other, with exclusive elements including weapons, shields, an Ark Hunter skin, an ECHO skin and a decorative object.

Source: Gearbox.

video“>Borderlands 3 launches Elimination raid at Maliwan secret site

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