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Boeing Sued by Passengers Over Plane Door Incident, FAA Investigating – Latest Updates

Jan 12, 2024 at 10:03 PM Update: 7 hours ago

Boeing has been sued in the United States by passengers who were recently on board the plane that lost a door panel after takeoff. This caused an airborne hole in the fuselage. The passengers are demanding compensation.

The pilots of the Boeing 737 MAX 9 managed to fly back to Portland airport in Oregon and made an emergency landing. There were no casualties, but the flight’s 171 passengers and six crew members suffered physical injuries, according to the complaint. The accident is also said to have caused emotional trauma.

“The pressure change caused ears to bleed and, in combination with low oxygen levels, loud wind noise and traumatic stress, caused severe headaches,” the lawyers for the angry travelers said. “Passengers were shocked, terrified and confused. They were in a nightmare.”

The counselors point out that some passengers feared that they would not survive the flight. “Some prayed. Some texted their families to express their concerns. Some grabbed and clung to each other. Some adult passengers cried.”

Many oxygen masks in the device also did not appear to be working, according to the complaint. The lawyers have not said how much compensation they believe is appropriate. Boeing declined to comment.

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Passenger films hole in plane during flight in US

Aviation authority investigates incident, planes grounded

The American aviation authority FAA launched a formal investigation into the Boeing 737 MAX 9 on Thursday. Last weekend, the regulator decided to temporarily ground 171 aircraft of that type. Loose bolts were later found in door panels in several aircraft.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has already said that production errors can be attributed to the manufacturer. “We are going to address this,” said Calhoun, who fought back tears during a meeting of Boeing employees earlier this week. “We acknowledge our mistake.”

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Emotional Boeing boss admits production error with 737 MAX 9

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