body find. Man rescued lifeless from the Aare in Bern.

An employee of the Bern Medical Police, water rescue department, in a boat on the Aare in Bern. (archive image)


Last Wednesday, a lifeless person was rescued from the Aare at the Engehalde weir in Bern. It is a 44-year-old Georgian.

A 44-year-old could only be rescued dead from the Aare in Bern. According to the current state of knowledge, an accident is the main cause of death for the Bern canton police.

As the police and the regional public prosecutor announced on Monday, the Georgian was in the evening and night hours of August 2 at the blood tower next to the Aare. This is a medieval defense tower below Bern’s Lorraine Bridge.

Investigations into the circumstances of the death are ongoing. The police and prosecutors have issued an appeal for witnesses.


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