BNI Resmi Sponsori Tim Esports NXL Wolfpack, Jakarta – BNI has just announced their support for the game industry in Indonesia, especially in the realm of esports. This is proven by being the official sponsor of the NXL Wolfpack team.

plan, sponsorship BNI to the team sports who plays in the competition Apex Legends it lasts for one year.

“Hard work never betrays results. Last year was a struggle to bring Indonesia’s name to the international level.” ucao Almika Gusnandri Indra, owner Wolfpack in a virtual media meeting session, Thursday (14/10/2021).

He added, “We are grateful and grateful for the support provided by BNI and NXL in line with our vision and mission to be the best on an international scale by carrying the Indonesian flag.”

The NXL Wolfpack contains three players (players), namely Juan “Twizy” Jody Tubil as the team captain, Thoriq “Bigzzy” Sultan, and Rizky “Kisanss” Nugraha.

Before using the NXL Wolfpack, the team formed by Mike has been established since 2020 under the name Wolfpack Arctic.

Even though they are still a new team, Twizy and friends have made extraordinary achievements in the Apex Legends scene.

With NXL Wolfpack’s current position, they compete with the world’s top teams such as T1, TSM, Complexity, NRG, Team Liquid, Gambit, Navi, and others.

* To find out the truth of the information circulating, please WhatsApp to the number 0811 9787 670 just by typing the desired keyword.

PUBG Mobile is certain to be one of the esports exhibition games that will be competed in the XX Papua PON (National Sports Week) game from 2 to 15 October.



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