Leaking the new Xbox controller would confirm the existence of Xbox Series S

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After online events, specifically those that showed details about the new consoles, generated divided opinions, August is shaping up as a new opportunity to hit the table and win over the public, after all there are just a few months to go. debut of the new hardware. Well, it seems that the hype is about to rise again as a leak has placed the bets on the side of Microsoft and the advantages of the new Xbox controller.

A few moments ago, the Twitter celebrity, Wario64, shared the images published by the Twitter account @TinyRakan, who is dedicated to writing about the industry independently, in which he shows the packaging of the new Xbox controller, which reveals interesting details. Initially, and taking into account that it is not confirmed information, the box shown would confirm the existence of the blank model that has been the subject of rumors in recent days.

Likewise, the packaging would show that this command, rather than being the Xbox Series X, could be considered as the new official control of the Xbox environment, this because its use would be guaranteed for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One , Windows 10, iOS and Android.

In the same way, and just as you just read it, the mention on the box towards Xbox Series S seems to confirm the existence of the economic model of the new hardware, which has been said to be less powerful, only focused on digital and accessible, but capable enough to run the new games on the way. Of course, a detail that could give rise to controversy is that on the side of the packaging it is mentioned that this new controller will use 2 AA batteries, so we would be talking about that Xbox has chosen to do without internal and rechargeable batteries again.

As we mentioned above, this is not confirmed information, so it must be taken with reservation. However, if this is true, Microsoft’s commitment to maintaining the design of a control that has become the industry standard in recent times and its compatibility with all platforms supported by the gaming environment should be highlighted. from Xbox.

Finally, a few minutes ago a report from The Verge shared the post of Instagram user Zachary Showers, who apparently also had access to the new Xbox controller and whose packaging is the same as that shown on Twitter.

What do you think of this possibility?

Tell us in the comments and remember that in this link You will find all the information related to Xbox Series X, the new Microsoft console.

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