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Blue Origin: – Wally (82) is going to space

For six decades, 82-year-old Wally Funk has done what she can to get out into space.

Now she will have her dream come true, after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos invited her as a guest of honor on a trip with the space company Blue Origin later this month.

ARRANGES THE TRIP: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is arranging the trip. Photo: Mandel Ngnan / AFP / NTB)
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On the trip, Bezos himself, his brother Mark, and an anonymous person will also participate. The latter has paid $ 28 million during an auction for a seat.

It writes BBC.

SUCCESSFUL LANDING: A rocket from the private space company Blue Origin has completed its third successful vertical landing. Video: NTB Reuters
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During the trip, it is planned to send the passengers more than 100 kilometers above the earth’s surface, so that they can experience weightlessness.

Passengers will then return to Earth in a capsule attached to a parachute. The return is expected to last for about ten minutes.

In a two-minute clip, which Bezos has shared on Instagram, the 82-year-old says that she is looking forward to the trip.

– I never thought I would get up, says a clearly happy Funk.

Experienced pilot

According to the BBC, Funk has completed 19,600 hours as a pilot, in addition to teaching around 3,000 people to fly.

She is also said to have spent $ 200,000 on a ticket to Virgin founder Richard Branson’s space program “Virgin Galactic”, a space program that recently received permission from the US Civil Aviation Authority to charge for its own space travel.

– I can not tell people who watch this video I feel after I picked out to travel on this trip.

Got rejected by NASA

There is little doubt that Funk has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut. As early as 1961, she became part of the training program “Mercury 13”, a privately funded program that would give women the opportunity to go into space.

Funk then became the youngest woman to complete the program, and was told that she completed the work than any of the boys, writes CNN.

Yet there was never a trip into space.

– I got hold of NASA four times, but no one wanted me. They said I was a girl and could not do it, she tells the channel.

Now she has disproved the prejudices.

– No matter who you are, you can still do it if you want to.

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