Blood banks are dry: unheard of in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec

The CIUSSS Mauricie Center-du-Québec launched an appeal to people in the region on Monday to replenish the Hema-Québec blood bank. As everywhere in Quebec, the regional health network lacks donors, the first consequence of which is the postponement of non-urgent surgeries.

This appeal to the population targets all donors, but more particularly those belonging to the O positive group.

According to hemato-oncologist Christian Carrier, it is difficult to explain why the reserves of this group have seen a low in the last few days.

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“We intend to have answers and make sure that does not happen again.

Faced with the situation, elective surgeries had to be postponed, but it is impossible to know the exact number for the moment. What I hear from colleagues is that we push back two to three a day, ”he explains.

The CIUSSS wishes to reassure that at no time were patients’ lives endangered due to this shortage.

“We have a system that ensures that we always have a reserve for emergencies, but a shortage like that is unheard of in my career,” adds Dr. Carrier.

In order to replenish the blood bank, blood drives are being deployed in five cities in the territory in the coming days, including Trois-Rivières on Thursday and Friday, Saint-Tite on Monday and Shawinigan on Tuesday. Héma-Québec is delighted with the response so far. The Trois-Rivières collection is full, but places are still available in Saint-Tite and Shawinigan.



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