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December 26, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Blocking WhatsApp is possible in different ways. Netzwelt shows how you block app access, notifications and running in the background.

WhatsApp can be blocked in various ways and thus temporarily or permanently restricted and completely deactivated.

You can deactivate free access to Messenger and automatic notifications on your smartphone. If the automatic execution of WhatsApp bothers you in the background, you can lock the messenger on Android through a system setting.

If you want to permanently block or remove your WhatsApp account, this is also possible. In the following sections we explain the different blocking options for WhatsApp.

1. Activate WhatsApp fingerprint lock

On devices with a fingerprint scanner, you can additionally protect WhatsApp regardless of the smartphone unlock function. If you activate the feature, you have to authenticate separately when opening WhatsApp, even if the smartphone is already unlocked. This protects your WhatsApp chats from prying eyes when you briefly pass the phone into other hands.

2. Block WhatsApp notifications and mute the app

You can disable the sound signal for new messages regardless of the sound setting on your smartphone. In the app itself, you can block notification tones for individual contacts or chat groups. Regardless of this, you can generally deactivate the app notifications on Android and iOS.

If the execution of WhatsApp disturbs you in the background and you don’t want to delete the messenger right away, you can block it until the next manual start on Android. Even then you will no longer receive notifications.

4. Block WhatsApp via the SIM card

Since WhatsApp is tied to your phone number, you can simply block your account using the SIM card. To do this, contact your telephone provider and offer them to temporarily deactivate the card in the event of theft or permanently deactivate it if you no longer want to use the number. With prepaid cards in particular, this is a useful method so as not to keep a forgotten WhatsApp account.

5. Have your WhatsApp account blocked directly with WhatsApp

If you want to have WhatsApp blocked regardless of the SIM card if a device is lost or stolen, you can contact WhatsApp customer service by email at [email protected] They will then deactivate the account for you. Due to the large number of WhatsApp users, it usually takes a few days for a response. If you do not reactivate your WhatsApp account within 30 days upon request, all WhatsApp account data will be completely deleted.

If privacy is also important to you on WhatsApp, the “Messages expiring” feature could be of interest to you, where your messages will automatically vanish after 7 days.

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